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Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If any piece of art arrives damaged or not to your liking and expectations we are glad to replace it, exchange it, or refund the cost of the product. You may contact us at:

8 am to 6 pm EST.
or e-mail: danny@dannyodriscoll.com


Please return any item within 30 days. Include the original invoice and a note to explain why you are returning it, and whether you would like an exchange or refund. When returning an item please ship to us by US Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex, etc. Do not ship COD. We will reimburse you for any extra shipping you might incur on a damaged item, but for exchanges and refunds you are expected to pay the shipping costs.


Danny O'Driscoll Website now takes Paypal® for convenient, safe and secure on-line ordering and payment via credit card, e-check, or fast and easy instant bank account transaction.

You may also order via a Mail Order Form and pay for your purchase using Mastercard, VISA, Novus, Discover, or personal check drawn on a US bank. We will ship your purchase after payment is received by US Postal Service or UPS within 7 to 10 business days.

If using a credit card, the billing address and name must be the same as for the credit card. If you prefer to send a check or money order please make them Payable to Danny O'Driscoll.

                                           South Carolina residents PLEASE add state and local sales tax to your order.

                                                 PLEASE INCLUDE SHIPPING TO YOUR ORDER USING THE TABLE BELOW.

                                             *   For smoother results PLEASE include a contact 

                             PHONE number to insure accuracy in ordering.              

Shipping Plans

Shipping Table for Continental USA only
Shipping at least less than
$14.95 $0.00 $20.00
$19.95 $20.01 $40.00
$24.95 $40.01 $60.00
$29.95 $60.01 $75.00
$39.95 $75.01 $200.00

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Danny O'Driscoll - South Carolina Wildlife Artist

Wildlife Artist Danny O'Driscoll

361 Palomino Rd.
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E-mail: danny@dannyodriscoll.com

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