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Hello, my name is Danny O'Driscoll and I would like to personally welcome you to my web site. I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my self, my family and my career as a wildlife artist. Both my wife, Mundina and I are artists. I grew up in Charleston, SC and began my art career as an illustrator with Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. So I have now been a professionally working artist for about 45 years. Mundina has worked professionally since 1978, but is now focusing more on family than doing current artwork. My work has appeared in publications such as Artist Magazine, Airbrush Magazine, and the best selling book Wildlife Painting: Step by Step by Patrick Seslar. I also annually participate in major wildlife art shows such as the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, South Carolina, Plantation Wildlife Festival in Georgia, Southern Wildlife Festival in Alabama, as well as many regional outdoor arts and crafts festivals. (See new art show schedule!) As a child growing up in Charleston,SC ,I was fortunate to spend a lot of time outdoors. This reflected in my art then and now.Here are a few examples of my art at 10 years of age.

1962 Original Art of a Cardinal by wildlife artist Danny O'Driscoll
1962 Original art of a Baltimore Oriole by Wildlife Artist Danny O'Driscoll
1962 original Hummer art by Wildlife Artist Danny O'Driscoll

And also drawn at the age of 13

1965 Drawing of Jesus Christ by Artist Danny O'Driscoll

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It is our desire to glorify Jesus Christ, the creator, through our art and through our business. We are committed to representing Him and ourselves in a manner worthy of the title Christian.

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"Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God."   Job 37:14

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Wildlife Artist Danny O'Driscoll

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